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Hansa’s heritage tours was a great idea initiated by our very own customers. They all wanted to visit India but were nervous about exploring this country of contradictions for their first time, and that is how our incredible India tour began, taking its first step alongside our customers – something of which we feel very blessed.

Home to over 1.2 billion people, India is fused together by the traditional and the modern. It is a country of stark contrast, where the rich and the poor live side by side and the modern cities, fully equipped with lavish houses and the latest technology, are surrounded by shanty towns.

It is a place where historical temples spanning thousands of years old, are situated directly next to contemporary buildings that are composed by the latest architectural designs. The roads are shared by shiny BMWs and donkeys, humans live in harmony with the animals, and hand held tools are more common than an iPhone.

The real beauty about India is the life-changing experience it can give to you. The people are always happy and welcoming; they have a smile on their face no matter their circumstances, and will invite you to see the real lives and traditions of Indian culture.

The food is exquisite – it will feed you flavours you never even knew existed, and our personalized India tour package will also cater for small parties.

Not to mention the landscape! It tends to be one of the most commented upon elements of our tour, simply because it is beyond compare. It holds breathtaking views, serene beaches, and a history that will take you all the way from the indigenous beaten-track towns and villages, right into the bright and vibrant future.


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