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hansa more than my lie

Hansa’s, more than just a restaurant.. It’s my life:

A brilliant inspirational cookbook in celebration of exquisite vegetarian Indian food and Hansa’s extraordinary journey to achieve her dreams of a successful restaurant.

There are over 80 delicious but easy-to-follow recipes, accompanied by beautiful photos to illustrate how the meal should look – helpful as some dishes are not your every day recipes. Alongside food, the book encompasses culture and philosophy to give insight on the healing properties of many of the ingredients used.

She also gives many suggestions about how to combine dishes together to manifest a satisfying but healthy meal. The fact that such tasty and unique food can maintain healthiness is what makes this cook book not only distinctive, but ultimately superior to other cook books, and a great gift for all food lovers.

Hansa’s Gujarati vegetarian cookbook:

Beautifully designed, illustrated and within the pages is folded a historical overview about Gujarati cuisine, how to store and use spices correctly, Hansa and her family, and also cooking techniques. Not to mention much information about how different spices can enhance your health!

The book was voted No1. from the 10 best vegetarian cookbooks by the Independent in May 2011. It has something for everyone, no matter how little they have cooked or advanced they are. Hansa has simple recipes and more complex dishes to follow, but the recipe instructions are clear with lots of useful tips for using leftovers or changing ingredients. This is the perfect book to start a journey of Gujarati recipes that will be of restaurant-quality.