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Announcing our latest dates for 2019-2019 SCHOOL DATES Hansa’s Cookery School Vouchers make a Perfect Gift for XMAS, Birthdays, Weddings or just a treat for your loved ones. Call Hansa’s Restaurant on 0113 2444408 in the evenings to purchase a voucher.

Latest Feedback:

Hi Hansa and Kish. Just a note to say thank you for allowing me into your home, letting me meet your family and two terrific classes this weekend. I’m not sure when my head is going to stop spinning from all I learned but at least I feel a lot less ignorant today than I did on Saturday morning. Looking forward to the next class


Here are the new dates that you’ve been waiting for-NEW COOKERY SCHOOL DATES ’18 Some comments from the ones who attended our first Course this year:

“Thanks very much for the excellent cookery lesson last weekend! I very much enjoyed it. Now, I have an enquiry – do you have two places available on the next cookery course – Specialities – on the 4th of March?”- Matt Craddock

Dear Kish and Hansa,

“Just to say how much I enjoyed the class on Saturday, even though I was definitely the messiest deep fryer! Thank you for your generous hospitality in your home.

If places are still available I would like to book places on the bread class and the rice class please. Please let me know if this is possible and I will ring through with payment details.

All best wishes and I look forward to seeing you in March”, Sue Heath

Announcing COOKERY SCHOOL DATES 18-3docx which includes 4 Advanced Level Classes. Please do book early!

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Whether you are a budding cook or a spritely beginner, Hansa’s cookery school is in its 4th year and is here to teach the Gujarati styles of cooking. We will have you reeling out a delicious vegetarian Indian dish, and rather than approaching spices with apprehension have you sprinkling them over your food with excitement and know-how.

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The majority of our students begin with one ‘hands-on’ lesson, and following that book more in advance after they have discovered that our cookery school teaches invaluable cookery skills, which can then be transferred to other cuisines. Next year we have added four additional classes at an advance level for those students who have completed the full course and wish to learn some more

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However, most importantly our classes seek to develop or birth a fertile interest, so that you begin to encompass our unique and innovative take on food, and as a result start having your own ideas about recipes and pairing ingredients together. This way our teaching continues beyond our kitchens.

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With only 8-10 people to one cookery class, it permits a hands-on experience where our specialist attention can be directed exactly where it is needed. This will enable you to replicate the most delicious vegetarian Indian delicacies based on Hansa’s two published cookbooks, and have an understanding of all your ingredients.

DSC02739 DSC02738 DSC02733 DSC02732

Our Indian cookery classes have been so popular that Hansa has had to put on additional classes to meet demand – the most highly desired courses being Hansa’s starters, vegetable and bean curries, and Gujarati breads.

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And the best part of all? Tasting your owncreations and drooling with delight at the taste – for once you will be nominating yourself to host the dinner party.


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