Hansa’s Success/Awards

Outstanding contribution to Leeds Restaurant Industry


Hansa was voted ‘curry chef of the year 07′, and has been recognised for an ‘outstanding contribution to Leeds restaurant industry’ by the Leeds Restaurant Association.


The Egon Ronay Guide


Having a place in the Egon Ronay’s Oriental Restaurant Guide is a tremendous achievement for any restaurant. Egon Ronay has been one of the most influential figures in the way the British eat out for decades. His mission has been to steer us towards the best places to enjoy food. See our name in Egon Ronay’s Guide to Restaurants.


The Observer Magazine

The observers magazine is based on critics from Richard Hardens Top Restaurant guide. They stated that the restaurant is ‘worth making a special journey for’ in the Top UK Restaurant Guide 1999 – 2002.


Hot Stuff Chef

This award was started by Leeds City Council and was aimed at the Indian food market. The competition was to assess twelve restaurants from in and around the Leeds/Bradford area. We are very proud to have been the winner’s of this competition.


Yorkshire Life Magazine


This magazine is a county wide survey of different food genres in and around the Yorkshire area. Hansa’s has been voted as one of the top three restaurants throughout Yorkshire by the Yorkshire Life magazine. This is a tremendous achievement as it is not only based on Indian cuisine but also other cuisines around the globe. Leeds Restaurant of the Year 2002 – Finalist Yorkshire Life Magazine.


BBC Good Food Guide

Hansa’s has often been mentioned for their the quality of food. This is the peoples recommendation from the Good Food Guide publicized by the BBC.


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