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Hansa’s are aware that distinctive food is rare and quality often means less. However, with this in mind we have ensured that unique food is not restricted to one plate and one person only.

Our cooks provide mouth-watering Indian vegetarian cuisine for many people to enjoy. We are specialists when it comes to preparing Hansa’s award-winning recipes, and experts in catering for large events like birthday parties, wedding receptions and even corporate events. However, just because the numbers go up, does not mean the quality goes down.


We use everything from fresh spinach, potatoes and beans to besan and Indian spices. The spices we use are key to transforming our everyday ingredients into distinctive and delicious tastes, with seasonings like cardamom, tamarind and garam masala.

With our outside catering, the majority of your party need not be vegetarian, but we guarantee they will be fulfilled by our food, and oblivious to their missing chunks of chicken meat.

Typically, when thinking about traditional Indian meals people stray directly towards chicken tikka masala and other famous meaty dishes. However, our event catering is here to re-educate, and has proven that vegetarian catering can bring more variety and excitement to the occasion than any other type of catering. 

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